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With over 15 years of acquired knowledge of quality equine products, ETRS has a team of Equine experts bringing you the best equine innovations to not only make your horses healthier and sound, but better perform too!

Testimonial from Vitafloor user...

"We have been using the Vitafloor in both the transportable version and the full stall version for a few years now. We have these units installed at a couple of my clients farms and they see use daily for a number of reasons, from pre-warming a horse prior to work under saddle, to rehabilitation following a soft tissue injury or maintaining bone and tissue density when on lay-up. In addition we have employed the systems for treating various ailments to the foot and have had occasion to place horses with early signs of colic on the machine with good results. It seems that placing a horse with a mild colic on the system has similar benefits to that old fashioned trailer ride. Overall I have been very pleased with the Vitafloor products and find many uses for the technology when it is available. The horses seem to like it as well."

Mark Silverman, DVM MS
San Marcos, CA, USA
Sporthorse Veterinary Services


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